7 Spiritual Laws to Success

The 7 Spiritual Laws to Success

7 Spiritual Laws to Success

I have been pursuing full-time entrepreneurship for the last 6 years consistently.

As a result, the road to success has been challenging to say the least. Trust pursuing your own path is not for the weak.

I am writing this post to encourage myself and everyone who reads it.

There are 7 spiritual laws to success. We can put in our lives, leading to extraordinary success.

To be successful, one must use wisdom.

To be wise, one must have or show experience, knowledge, and good judgment. Wisdom brings success.

Without wisdom, the trustworthiness of an action or decision is about applying experience.

Without knowledge and sound judgment, you cannot experience success. Being successful depends on the time you use effectively.

Have you ever wondered how the next person became successful? What did the person do specifically that made success come their way?

I have! And if you be honest, so have you.

Success has more to do with the state of the being who believes they can do what they choose.

I woke up early this morning because my TV was on, and I don’t like sleeping with the TV on. But what was on my screen captivated me.

So, I pulled out my notebook and pen and began to write and take notes from the man on the TV screen.

This man was Mike Murdock. A world-renowned televangelist. He authored the 7 Laws You Must Honor To Have Uncommon Success.

He began to talk about success and explain that success is governed by laws. Implementing this system of rules. Controls whether you will experience uncommon success or not.

Now, if you haven’t, and yes, you should read Think and Grow Rich. A book that every successful person has read. Or Napoleon Hill’s The Law of Success which is the precursor.

And Everyone who wants to achieve success should have it on their read-to-do list in their lifetime.

In the book, Hill explained. That success is a matter of adjusting oneself to the ever-changing life environments in a spirit of harmony and poise.

So, I highly recommend you read all the books mentioned above!

Let me reiterate here. That I am speaking about an unusual kind of success, something extraordinary.

These laws govern those who are courageous and will go above and beyond. Those who are willing to take the initiative themselves.

Work hard and achieve greatness are the people who experience uncommon success.

Before we get into what was revealed at the moment, it is essential to define what the law is. It is a set of rules established by an authority, custom, or agreement.

Many believe achieving success requires relentless challenging work, determination, and intense ambition.

As a result, we may have struggled for years and reached some of our goals. But we were exhausted, and our lives were out of balance.

Although success requires those things. Some laws and principles govern certain things in our lives and our world.

Fortunately, the success laws aren’t complicated or mysterious. But are easy to understand and apply.

The 7 Laws to Extraordinary Success!

laws to success

I want to share how we can experience uncommon success as everyday people using these 7 laws to extraordinary success.

1. The Law of Difference – Our differences bring our value, and our value brings our reward.

Though we are all humans and basically the same, there is something different about each of us. We were all created to do something that the other person is unable or willing to do.

If you do not know your distinct differences, you will never know what value you bring to others. For instance, as an entrepreneur, align your business idea with your passions.

Your passions are those strong and barely controllable emotions. About subject matters, people, places, or things.

You can find your passion in your pain, information, desires, and those you honor.

2. The Law of the Mind – Every battle in life begins as a mental battle.

You should always protect what goes into your mind. It is vital to guard your mind because it is the breeding ground for everything you do. It either solves problems or creates problems for your future.

For anyone to be successful, they must be willing to invest in their minds. Fill it with knowledge by preparing it as an environment for learning. Your mind needs a goal or focus, pictures, conversation, and meditation.

Your mouth should tell your mind what to think about. It is where you can create and produce faith in your ability to be confident in your dreams and visions.

The mind is a muscle that moves your imagination into reality. Your mind should inspire you into action.

3. The Law of Recognition– What you fail to recognize will exist in your life.

There is always a life lesson to be learned. Every moment is a learning moment.

Often times we can fail to see what has always been right there in front of us the entire time. Something we don’t know about that can be harmful to our future is near us.

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We must ask ourselves what God is hiding in someone or something we can’t see. You can start right there if you don’t believe in God. Recognize that God is, and he will always be!

We can take on more than we should too soon. And then, when it doesn’t work out, we will consider it as not profitable or a scam. Often, it is as simple as doing too much too soon.

We should focus on one idea before moving to the next. Too many things going on at one time can be a distraction. And distract you from recognizing the next step. That could change your financial future.

4. The Law of Two – Two is necessary for multiplication.

Two is always better than one. Relationships with others matter. We all need each other. Yes! Sure, you are great alone, but you need others.

The book of Ecclesiastes. Which is a book filled with wisdom, states, “Two are better than one… the threefold cord is not easily broken” (Eccl 4:9, 12).

When God wants to bless you, he brings a person into your life. This isn’t about marriage only.

For instance, Entrepreneurs must recognize who those people are. To experience financial freedom. You must depend on others to buy your products and/or services.

Your willingness to strengthen your relationship with your target audience or customer. Depends on your ability to become financially independent.

5. The Law of Place – Your geographical location matters.

Your assignment or purpose in life is always to a person or group. When you are where you are destined to be, no one can compete with you.

Never stay where God has not assigned you. You will not be honored for your differences if you are in the wrong place.

As everyday people and entrepreneurs, we must know that our money is in the place of the problem God has given us to solve for others. Remember that money is anywhere God wants you to be.

Being an entrepreneur today gives us the opportunity to market globally. Or to a specific area directly from the comforts of your home using the World Wide Web.

6. The Law of Honor – Your future is determined by who you have chosen to honor.

Honor is your ability to highly esteem someone by recognizing their difference. Honor is the seed for access to any environment on earth.

Adaptation is proof of honor. It takes humility to honor another person for their differences.

Honor is something that people should be taught. Who they should honor. Humbleness is a modest or low view of one’s own importance. What is essential to know about honor is it is a choice.

Entrepreneurs can shorten their learning curve by learning from the best. This can be done by studying an individual, reading a book, or doing online research.

Or connect with someone you chose to celebrate their distinctive differences instead of weaknesses.

Honor will decide who accepts you, desires you, and rewards you. Recognition qualifies for a different kind of relationship.

That is closer, growing, and long-term. If you succeed in life, it can be tracked to those you choose to honor.

If you fail, it can be tracked to those you chose not to honor. Above all, you must honor the God of the universe to be successful at anything. All blessings come through the chain of authority.

7. The Law of Seed– Give, and It will be given back to you.

Seeds are anything that has value. When you sow a seed, it can be in words, honor, or mercy. Money, love, kindness, gratitude, etc..… Your seed must be wrapped in expectation. You must have a motive for why you are doing something.

For entrepreneurs, this law means something. What you have given will create the harvest you dreamed of having for you.

Remember that the seeds you sow can contain life or death. What you make happen for someone else, God can make happen for you.

The future of your seed is hidden in your daily routine. Successful men do daily what unsuccessful men occasionally do.

In Conclusion

These 7 laws will create uncommon success if you apply them to everyday living. While walking this journey of entrepreneurship.

We must maximize the time to solve other people’s problems. And become the beacon of light in another person’s life. Or situation by providing suitable products and/or services.

I want to insert that these products can be tangible or digital. The possibilities are endless. You want to choose the best cost-efficient method for your idea where you are solving those problems.

I am here to solve your problem of understanding how to achieve uncommon success in your life by using these 7 spiritual laws.

When we are developing and improving ourselves. It is crucial that we not forget the spiritual part of our human being experience.

We are body, soul, and spirit. Made in the image of God. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Laws of the spirit will always apply to our existence here on earth.

These ingredients for success creatively birth us into our destiny. The structure and habits that we sustain. Creates our future.

I hope you have found this article inspiring…if you did…share this, please! And let me know what you think in the comment section below!

Be Inspired and Be Successful at Everything You do!


2 thoughts on “7 Spiritual Laws to Success

  1. Thank you for this amazing post!  Though I disagreed with you last one, this one has some great value to it.  As someone who studied psychology in college, I can say that every battle begins in the mind.  We should build the courage to face that battle head on!  I wonder, though, what do you say about Churches like Hillsong who have profitted greatly from their Christian Music and are known as a mega Church?

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read the post! I’m glad you found some value in it although you don’t agree with all the points.

      As far as Hillsong… my thoughts are the same grace and mercy god gives to me and you. Is the same that is extended to Hillsong and everyone affected by the issues there.

      That’s it that’s my peace…

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