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jamie london-clay


Greetings! This post is about me Jamie London-Clay!

From Chicago, IL raised in Detroit MI, and currently live in Oak Park IL.

I am Woman. Widow, Mother, Entrepreneur, Writer, Affiliate Marketer, Author,  Singer-Songwriter, and digital creator.
I Love and am Passionate about God and His Kingdom, Family, Music, Shoes, and Books.
As a personal development influencer. I am committed to supporting. Encourage and teach techniques to make you feel at ease. And confident in changes you want to make and are forced to make in your life.
My belief is that it is the individual person’s responsibility. To develop their own mind, body, soul, and spirit.
Welcome to my lifestyle management blog!

jamie london-clay

Jamie London-Clay The Business

I am a business! An unconventional Entrepreneur, since 2016!

I turn my ideas into multiple streams of income.     And make money using the internet with proven methods such as affiliate marketing.

As a partnered Independent Business Owner(1830447) Austin London Clay Enterprises LLC. with the Arise Virtual Solutions Platform. I provide customer service and tech support for fortune 500 companies. 

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An IBO Wellness Advocate for Doterra.

I also perform as an Indie Soul songwriter-singer under the moniker “LadiSoul“!

Check out my new single here!

jamie london-clay

Jamie London-Clay Personal Interest!

I’m a creator, connector & curator with lots of unique interests!
In my personal interest, I’m fascinated and inspired by the many facets of life.  Such as personal development, spiritual development, health & wellness,  marriage, and family relationships.
Entrepreneurship, financial education, making money online, and building wealth. Culture, communities, politics, and religions. Music (various genres), live music entertainment, talent, art, fashion, theater. Things to do, food, style, the latest trends, and products!
 As a brand ambassador for various brands. I advocate for the right of consumer purchasing decisions and understanding. By creating product reviews and content for quality products.
I rep the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness!
I am a proud American and a relentless black woman!
An advocate for blending families, marriage & relationships.
I am a commentator,  an observer, and I critique the status quo!
I’m created to bring the groove, encourage, and inspire through music.
My personal growth is my responsibility and I recognize that.
I am designed to empower and inspire healthy stable families. Healthy and wealthy living. Salvation to the nations & establishing the Kingdom of God on the Earth.
In this blog, I will be sharing my journey and some of my opinion on matters.
While also sharing relevant, truthful, and helpful information. That will inspire, empower, and challenge your mind, body, soul, and spirit.

jamie london-clay

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

My Mission

My mission is to inspire everyone to develop the body, soul, and spirit.
I create content inspired and curated from my personal interests and daily activities.
To inspire from my life experiences and specific research!
I am always looking for hot new trends in products and love to try new products and give my thoughts on them.
This mission is about self-love, relationships, education, fashion, music, and making money online. 
I couldn’t think of only one thing to talk about here.
As my niche, I decided to share whatever my authentic self desires to blog about at the moment! lol…
I am a free soul and spirit!

In Conclusion

If you can relate to anything I’ve mentioned above, by all means, welcome to my blog!
If you can’t relate, then, by all means, welcome to my blog! 
As an agent of change, I desire to inspire change in the world by being the change I want to see.
I will share my thoughts on various topics to improve ourselves.
About relationships, politics, spiritual matters, pop culture, etc. 
Feel free to share your comments, questions, tips, or anything else you care to share.
I do ask that you keep it positive. Even if your opinion differs from mine. Respect begets respect!
I’d love to hear from you.  If you are reading this you will find something here that would be of great value to you.
Feel free to browse around, share on social media, and subscribe to my email list to stay connected.
One Love,
Jamie aka LadiSoul


6 thoughts on “About | Jamie London-Clay

  1. Very Interesting article and quite an insipirational one. Based on your excerpt – I can say that Jamie London Clay has been a true entrepreneur and who has worked very hard to live up to his dreams. One of the key aspects mentioned is to keep a positive attitude at all times. This article is of great value and provides encourgagement for all budding entrepreneurs who are looking to build their future in the business world successfully. 

    1. Thanks, Shivaram! I’m glad you found the post inspirational! Keeping a positive attitude is going to be the key to success for anyone looking to be successful in their world of business.

  2. Jamie London clay has portraied herself in this article as an independent and all rounded person. She is an inspiration to those people who think they can’t turn their interests into money. Her personal growth is her responsibility as we should always be doing day in day out since personal growth means concentrating on the changes that happen in your life and appreciating them as stepping stones in life. Jamie London appreciates herself.

  3. A brilliant piece of writing ,I love the boldness in who you say you are ,your mission and all you stand for .The world could use more people like you. Really inspirational and the focus on family and God is eye opening and I believe people should pay more attention to them. 

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