Alvin Ailey Dance Tickets

Alvin Ailey Dance Tickets

Alvin Ailey Dance Tickets
Photo by: Dario Calmese

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. America’s beloved cultural ambassador to the world. Returns to the historic Auditorium Theatre. 

Alvin Ailey Dance Tickets are on sale for their scheduled show in Chicago March 2-6, 2022

I love dance theater! My 1st time experiencing the Alvin Ailey Dancers was at a Chicago show with friends.

I loved the journey from past to present and the way they communicate through dance. It was inspiring and an amazing experience.

If you are in town. Get your Tickets to the Chicago show. Goldstar offers discounted tickets all over the US.

Check out the Alvin Ailey schedule here if you are in another state. They just may be in a theater near you real soon! Do get your tickets.

About Alvin Ailey Dance Theater

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Grew from a now-fabled performance in March 1958 at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.

Led by Alvin Ailey and a group of young African American modern dancers. That performance changed forever the perception of American dance.

The Ailey company has gone on to perform. For an estimated 25 million people. At theaters in 48 states and 71 countries on six continents.

As well as millions more through television broadcasts, film screenings, and online platforms.

In 2008, a U.S. Congressional resolution. Designated the Company as “a vital American cultural ambassador to the world”.

 That celebrates the uniqueness of the African American cultural experience. And the preservation and enrichment of the American modern dance heritage.

When Mr. Ailey began creating dances. He drew upon his “blood memories” of Texas. The blues, spirituals, and gospel as inspiration.

Which resulted in the creation. Of his most popular and critically acclaimed work, Revelations.

Although he created 79 ballets over his lifetime. Mr. Ailey maintained that his company was not only a repository for his own work.

Today, the Company continues Mr. Ailey’s mission. By presenting important works of the past and commissioning new ones.

In all, more than 235 works by over 90 choreographers have been part of the Ailey company’s repertory.

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For over 60 years, Ailey has been “doing what few major dance organizations do. It is keeping pace with the times, and the conversation” (The Washington Post).

 Alvin Ailey Dance Performances in Chicago

Alvin Ailey Dance Tickets
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The ground-breaking, forward-thinking company returns to Chicago as a Visiting Resident Company. With programs of new and classic works.

Each one concludes with founder Alvin Ailey’s masterpiece Revelations. The “Ailey gift that somehow keeps on giving” (The New York Times).

Marking a decade of leading the Company forward. Artistic Director Robert Battle presents a diverse repertory featuring Ailey’s renowned artists.

Including Chicago natives Solomon Dumas and Vernard Gilmore. Who is now celebrating his 25th anniversary with the company.

 Three unique programs with premieres. New productions and Ailey classics include the Battle 10th Anniversary program.

Which opens the Chicago engagement, featuring the Chicago premiere of Battle’s for Four adapted from video to stage.

The return of hip hop innovator Rennie Harris’s acclaimed Lazarus. And an Ailey & Ellington program. Showcasing new productions of beloved works paying tribute to Duke Ellington.

Alvin Ailey’s American Masterpiece Revelations. Which has inspired generations through its powerful storytelling. And soul-stirring spirituals since its creation in 1960. Will serve as the finale for all performances.

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Additional Information

The Auditorium Theatre commits to the health and safety of our patrons and our staff.

For this event patrons, 5 and over are REQUIRED to show proof of vaccination at the door.

Please note as of January 3, 2022, the City of Chicago. Mandated that all guests 5 and over in indoor venues must show proof of vaccination.

A negative Covid-19 test will no longer be accepted. Guests under 5 may gain entry by always wearing a mask when not eating and drinking.

ALL guests must wear a mask when not eating or drinking. Anyone who cannot provide the required documentation at the door. Or refuses to wear a mask, will not be allowed entry to the event, or be asked to leave.

Additional fees may apply. For events with a discounted price, no coupon or promo code is necessary to purchase tickets.

6 thoughts on “Alvin Ailey Dance Tickets

  1. I can’t afford to miss the dance in this article. I like how you have explained the history of the theater and invited people to watch the Alvin Ailey dance. Alvin Ailey dance lovers like me will be so pleased when they see how this article has appreciated what they love. Don’t miss out on this and don’t say you were not told.

  2. Hmmm…interesting. I’m a fan of ballet but I never heard about an African-American dance company. It’s dope! Unfortunately, I live in France so I won’t be able to attend as I don’t know if I’m able to travel now. However, I keep the name of this company in mind and I will come to see them when I am a millionaire!

    1. It must be awesome living in France! Alvin Ailey Dancers are awesome! Glad I’ve introduced you to a piece of African-American history. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. This show looks amazing! I was watching the youtube video you posted and was transported. The dancers are so graceful, expressive, and moving. I wish I was in the Chicago area so I could go see them. Do you know if they are taking their show on the road to the New York area perhaps? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Nicole! Yes, they are based out of New York. Their schedule link is in the post! You will love them live!

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