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How to Improve Quality of Life

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We all recognize the much-overused cliche of taking baby steps to do big things. That’s why so few individuals apply this astonishing powerful principal in their lives. I call it a principle because it’s absolute and Universal.

I had to learn how to improve quality of life by taking baby steps in changing those things I desire to improve. Quality of life is my personal goal for myself and my family.

If you look at anything in nature you’ll know how big plants for example only consist of some smaller parts. It’s the peak of all the parts that make up the largest that may only become and exist through a process of growth.

Tony Robbins discusses the power of making small incremental alterations in our lives. The reason why most individuals never succeed. Is because they are planning on doing too much altogether. They never take the beginning step in doing something small.

Incremental strategies spout into one of the building blocks of our Kosmos. It’s called compounding. Modern science attributes the principle of compounding. To the very beginning of our universe.

The precept of compounding means that the world is incremental. One becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes eight, eight becomes 16 and so forth. This is the way the world expands and this is the way our lives are built.

If a big tanker sets off on a 5000-mile journey halfway across the world. It wants to take the shortest route by going in a direct line.

Now, what if the pilot thing system wasn’t calibrated? What if his course was off by half a degree? The answer is easy the tanker would wind up at the wrong continent.

The lesson of the story is if we need to take charge of the small things. For they’re not just important but they’re everything. When it comes to accomplishing our dreams or accomplishing our goals.

The one very important aspect to keep close to heart is the fact that. It only takes one thought to metamorphose everything.

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It’s the trivial steps that sooner or later create the large leaps in our lives.

We avoid taking the very actions essential to make our lives extraordinary. As we see these actions as unimportant.

Never undervalue the might of the butterfly effect.
Always reinforce your decisions with actions. And continue taking actions towards what you do want rather than what you fear.

Tony Robbins often discusses the same precept. He calls it Global changes. Global changes touch on to the effect of making one alteration.

It has the might and effect to change a lot of other things at the same time.

The challenge is that this is different for every individual. Most individuals quit after bombing with two or three attempts. Knowing this surrender and calling something a failure likewise produces a butterfly effect.

Ordered and congruent action. Towards the accomplishment of any goal is the key to establishing momentum for a quality life. Every small action collects and builds on the ones before. Till you produce a snowball that will finally be unstoppable.

It’s likely that whatever challenges you’re currently facing. Could have begun by some simple decisions and actions.

James Allen remark that our thoughts are things. That our thoughts manifest themselves in our lives through circumstances and consequences.

It’s for this reason that we need to safeguard the door of our minds. For every thought will produce a butterfly effect which at first may seem trivial. But can finally have great results and consequences in your life.

Holding negative and destructive thoughts will only serve to strengthen this effect. Don’t ever take the small things for granted. It all has an effect and it all builds upon past effects to shape and direct our lives.

Use your time and your mind wisely. And most especially take positive and constructive action daily. Towards becoming the sort of individual you ultimately prefer to be.

I don’t know about you but improving my life daily is on my to-do list. It is important to me as an individual. Learning how to improve quality of life is not something that you can breeze through. It takes consistent time. And continual efforts.

My prayer is that this article inspires you to make the neccessary changes. To improve your quality of life.

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