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How To Improve Yourself Everyday: 40 Workable Actions To Improve Yourself!


It’s never to late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay stuck do better!

If you don’t work to improve yourself everyday then you are wasting your existence.

Let’s face the truth, Change is inevitable! There is no way around change. You either adapt or avoid. Even though you may avoid change it still happens. It can’t be stopped.

Renew Your Mind

So why do people think they can stay the same, when nothing stays the same. Renew your mind and change the way you think.

Just like the seasons change consistently each year so it is with our worlds and the lives that we live and the people we live with.

Have you ever found yourself saying… “This is just the way I was raised,” “This is just how I am,” or this one is my fav… “I’m grown and I don’t have to change is I don’t want too!”

But what really happens is we stop ourselves from reaching our full potential. We stop growth from happening. We seize the opportunities of life by rejecting change.

We have to change the way we think about change. Change defined by google search as a verb:

  • make or become different.
  • make or become a different substance entirely; transform.
  • the act or instance of making or becoming different.

I believe this change begins in our hearts and transforms our thinking which influence our actions and improves our everyday living.Romans 12:2It is important that we all live better quality lives. Taking small steps, consistently, in the same direction.

Building a habit that is doable can create big changes in behavior, attitude and quality of living.

The human potential is limitless! It’s impossible to reach a point in life where you no longer need to grow unless you’re dead. When we think we are good we can always be better.

It is through improving ourselves that we can get the most out of life.

Here are 40 workable actions to improve yourself. It may not seem like much but with consistent practice they can make you and your life, relationships, finances and health better in remarkable ways.

HOw to improve yourself everyday

  1. Wake up early- According to all self help gurus, waking up between 5am – 6am will improve your productivity and your quality of life.
  2. Start a weekly exercise routine- Physical exercise will keep your body in shape, your mind in shape and the stress in perspective. Switching the kinds of exercise methods you use will keep the habit workable and fresh.
  3. Read a book everyday- Books are concentrated sources of wisdom. The more wisdom you expose yourself to will increase your chances of improving yourself through the knowledge learned and the actions taken to prove you are getting better as a result of what you have read. Some books you can read to enrich yourself are: The Bible (I prefer The Message version), Think & Grow Rich, Who Moved My Cheese, First Things First, 7 Habits, The Science of Getting Rich, Cash In a Flash, Living The 80/20 Way, The Tipping Point, Outliners and The Difference Maker.
  4. Pick up a new hobby- Besides the things you already do that  you enjoy, is their something new you can make into a new favorite thing to do? Dancing, coupon clipping, painting, poetry etc. Just try something new!
  5. Create a space just for inspiration- Your environment sets the mood & tone for creativity. In order to be inspired you must have an inspirational environment that will have you inspired everyday.
  6. Learn a new language- Rosetta Stone, Rocket Languages or the public library are popular places to get started. I only speak English. I realize learning a language is a whole new skill all together and may require a little patience and an open mind.
  7. Over come your fears- Whatever they are! Focus on one  at  a time.Conquer it by recognizing that the fear reflect areas where you can grow. It is the compass for growth. It will lead you to the area where growth is needed the most.
  8. Take a new class- A great way to gain knowledge and skills is to take a class in a subject you are interested in.
  9. Build up your skills- If you already have experience in something you can gain more experience to get better and stronger in that particular skill. For instance, I sing and I’m constantly practicing vocal techniques and studying song lyrics and melodies in order for me to become better at singing.
  10. Abandon your comfort zone- When we’re comfortable with the way things are or have been it doesn’t help us grow. It actually stagnates us. What is your comfort zone? Shake up your routine. Do something out of the ordinary. Grow as you learn to act in new circumstances.
  11. Acknowledge your flaws- This is so hard for people to do. Everyone has flaws. Understanding these flaws, acknowledging them and addressing them will bring quality of life to you and your relationships.
  12. Take a challenge- Competition is one of the most practical ways to grow. Having a partner that is reaching for the same food can establish the accountability to yourself by bring accountable to someone else.
  13. Get into action- The best way to learn and improve is to take action. Waiting gets nothing done. How can you take action on something you have been meaning to do?
  14. Identify your blind spots- Scientifically, blind spots refer to areas our own eyes are not capable of seeing. In reference, to personal development terms, blind spots are things about ourselves we aren’t aware of. These blind spots help us to discover areas of improvement in our lives. Once they’ve been acknowledge doing the work to address them will improve your life.
  15. Learn from people who inspire you- Think about people you admire or who influence you. They can be celebrities, authors, politicians, philanthropist, neighbors or friends. The people who inspire you, reflect on these people, study them, acquire the qualities you want to have for yourself.
  16. Quit a bad habit- Nail biting? Always late? Not exercising? Smoking? Profanity? Do the consistent work to stop doing whatever the bad habit is.
  17. Cultivate a new habit- You can use one or more of the ideas above to create a new habit to replace the bad habit you are quitting.
  18. Creating a to-do-list- Writing down a list of tasks that you want to complete will help keep you focused. This list can be for a day, a week, a month, or a year.
  19. Avoid negative people- If you have negative Nancy’s, Debbie downer’s, boring Boyd’s, and complaining Carson’s. Don’t spend your time with them or around them. You don’t need that kind of energy bringing you down.
  20. Learn the art of dealing with difficult people- Sometimes you can’t avoid the negative difficult people you encounter from your workplace, family, inner circle of friends, or someone in the coffee line at Starbucks ordering before you. If you can learn the art of people management you would build a skill that will take you a long way in working with people and improving your life in the future.
  21. Learn from your friends- There are amazing qualities in everyone. Each of us have the ability to tap into them. Your friends have things you can learn from. Identify them and learn to improve yourself everyday
  22. Start a journal- Keeping a journal gives us insight into our thoughts, ideas and self awareness. Its a self reflection process. Your journal can be private or online as a blog.
  23. Stop binge watching TV- Not watching TV can be a very liberating experience. The time you free up from not watching TV, of usually a lower consciousness, can be used to create new habits, work on a business, spend time with loved ones, etc.
  24. Meditate- You can meditate by clearing the clutter in your mind and thinking on things that are honest, pure and true. Meditate on the word of God (The Bible) or whatever positive knowledge your religion use if you have one. You can meditate with positive quotes and practice thinking positively. Learning and adding breathing techniques during meditation helps to keep you  calm and feeling liberated.
  25. Let go of the past- Holding on to grievances, unhappiness, disappointments, or un-forgiveness from the past prevents you from moving on and becoming a better person. You must break away from the past, forgive yourself and move on.
  26. Start a blog about personal development- To help others grow it is more effective to already be doing what you are suggesting to someone else. What you teach is always the teachers lesson first. To learn how to start a blog click here!
  27. Get a mentor or coach- The fastest way to improve is to have someone work with you on your goals.
  28. Reduce the  time you spend on social media- Being on social media without a purpose can result in a lot of time wasted. Let’s face it, that time can be used on something that can actually better my life, finances, and health.
  29. Learn any strategy game- Chess is a perfect game to learn strategy and sharpen your brain power. They even have brain games online or on mobile apps that are not only fun, but you get to increase your analytical skills. Board games, Sudoku, puzzles and word puzzles are good to use as well.
  30. Start a business venture- You can take something your passionately interested in, maybe a life journey or connect with an already established venture and make money while learning at the same time. When you start a new business venture you are required to learn business management skills, develop business cleverness and have a competitive advantage. This process of starting and developing a business will help also equip you with self-discipline, leadership, organization and management. 40 workable actions to improve yourself
  31. Show kindness to people around you- You can never be too kind. As a human race we don’t show enough kindness to each other. Kindness cultivates other qualities such as compassion, patience and love. Try paying it forward! Make another persons day and you will feel even better about yourself.
  32. Reach out to the people who hate you- It’s easy to love people who love you. Actually loving someone who hates you is another kind of ball game. This act is self-less. It requires much maturity. The ability to forgive, let go and show love to these kinds of people requires the willingness to be generous in forgiving an insult or injury; to be free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness and  having an open heart. If there is someone who you know or think dislikes or hates you in your world think about reaching out to them. As long as you aren’t in danger. Show them love by seeking a resolution and getting closure on past grievances if its necessary.  Even if they refuse to reciprocate, love them the same. It’s more liberating to love anyway than to hate them back. “You’re familiar with the old written law, ‘Love your friend,’ and its unwritten companion, ‘Hate your enemy.’ I’m challenging that. I’m telling you to love your enemies. Let them bring out the best in you, not the worst. When someone gives you a hard time, respond with the energies of prayer, for then you are working out of your true selves, your God-created selves. This is what God does. Matthew 5:44-45 The Message (MSG)love-them-anyway
  33. Take a break-  Taking a break and resting is apart of living. Recognizing our need to take a break increases our self improvement. Make sure you always take time for yourself every week relax, rejuvenate and recharge yourself up for whatever is next.
  34. Drink more water- Water helps all your bodily functions. It improves your health, weight control, mood and even your energy levels will increase.
  35. Eat more fruits and vegetables- Make a habit of making fruits and veggies a priority food. Try eating those first before the unhealthy choices.
  36. Compliment someone else- Give an honest positive compliment  per day such as telling someone they look great vs. you lost weight! I had to learn this one myself. Sometimes we get caught in the moment of hey there’s a change.
  37. Listen to music for inspiration- Instead of listening to music according to the mood you are in, listen to music for the mood you want to be in.
  38. Say Thank You- When someone does something little but kind simply say thank you.
  39. Answer your text messages right away- We tend to say “we’ll get to this later” then forget!You know how you feel when someone leaves you hanging. It is rude!
  40. Commit to your personal growth- You can read all the books and  articles you like to improve yourself, but if you don’t do the work your reading is in vain. It is important that we own responsibility for our personal growth.

It takes time to see the results of staying the course of self improvement.

The desire for self-improvement is written in our DNA. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and I will respond as soon as I can!

If you have any other ideas that can be added to this list, share them I would love to hear your thoughts.

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