My Authentic Life: Why Living a Betterlife is Important to Me
My Authentic Life: Why Living a Betterlife is Important to Me

My Authentic Life: Why Living a Betterlife is Important to Me

My Authentic Life: Why Living a Betterlife is Important to Me


I am writing this post during one of the most extended dry, waiting for something, spiritual warfare test, and trials at nearly every turn unhappy all-is-well season of my life.

This is why I want to talk about my authentic life and why living a betterlife is vital.

I had difficulty beginning this article because I needed to figure out where to start. Who will want to listen to someone whose life is not poppin!

When this was written, I was not in a great season in my life. I’m still transitioning from what my life used to be. And I’m tired of being here. I want to believe that my better is nearby. And I do think this.

I want it to be better now in the physical sense. My spiritual soul is convinced that I am better now! Not nearby! Looking at myself in the mirror and around me, I don’t see everything I see in the spirit manifested now.

It is better for declaration purposes. Because it is genuinely what I want for myself. I’m aware that I have not sat in my REAL current reality that I see in my spirit.

My life isn’t horrible. But Geesh, I want to be in a better place, and faking it is not an option. I need to be it. I need it to be me.

After examining my life where I am, I’ll celebrate my 44th birthday (Yes! It’s Aries season) in a couple of weeks. And at 44, all I want for my birthday is a better life than the one I’ve been living.

Understanding the season of life, I’m in has kept me from jumping off my balcony. And ending all this unnecessary madness.

Sometimes it is difficult to recognize the seasons of our lives. And it can be even more challenging to know how to live during them.

In a natural sense, we know that seasons change. There’s winter, spring, summer, and fall. As the seasons change, so do the seasons in our lives.

The Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 3:1, “For everything, there is a season.” It also tells us in Ecc.3:11, “God has made everything beautiful in its time.”

The first step to flourishing in any season is to recognize which one you’re in. To do this, you must be honest with yourself and your feelings about your current situation.

To know where you are. You must know who you are—the real authentic you.

Authenticity means you’re true to your personality, values, and spirit. Regardless of the pressure you’re under to act otherwise. You’re honest with yourself and others and take responsibility for your mistakes. Your values, ideals, and actions align.

Currently, I am more in tune with myself than ever.

Why is Being Authentic so Important?

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Being authentic is essential. Because it contributes to your holistic well-being, encouraging happiness, fulfillment, and high self-esteem.

When your actions align with your true nature, you’re more likely to pursue your passions. Believe in yourself and feel confident in your opinions.

I’m coming off the cusp of an old era in my life. I am entering a new life. I am now a widow and an empty nester. My terminally ill husband’s passing changed the trajectory of my life course.

I lost most of my confidence. I was right in the middle of the building. What was being built crumbled right before my eyes in the middle of the building stage.

I still own some foundation. That was solid. But the building itself is nothing but memories and ashes.

On top of that, my two children are aged out of their adolescent years. And no longer need their mom like they have all their lives.

Although they still live at home with me. They have left the nest. They have their own lives outside of me.

I’m excited about this part, but I am sad too. And to be honest, it has made me feel like my life is boring and has no meaning.

I know this isn’t true, that my life has no meaning. But I honestly feel this way. It’s been a bummer feeling worthless.

I didn’t realize my identity was so much defined by being my husband’s wife and my children’s mother.

Of course, I will always be a mother as long as God gives me a breath to breathe.

And I knew my marriage was contingent upon whichever of us died first. I still hadn’t expected my marriage to end through death so soon.

Now that I’ve gone through these things. I want to be happier, more in control, and cope better with life’s difficulties.

So, I got a coach to guide me through the process of living a better life.

Dr. Keith Johnson is my life coach and pastor. He has helped me thus far to connect some dots and realize some things that didn’t make sense to me before.

For instance, today at the Wealthy Church (our online gathering). He spoke about “A dream and A piece of paper on the refrigerator.”

He has inspired me to reignite my desires and dreams. To do this, I need to write down the vision I desire for my life on paper and then put action behind it.

Dreams are created twice, first in the invisible and then in the physical.

Writing my vision down with as many details as possible will keep my goal before my eyes.

We must live our authentic lives. Because it unites us to the purpose, God the creator sent us here on earth to do from the beginning.

Our dreams should be connected to our purpose in the first place. But we need to be made aware of this. This is something we must seek after and find by asking God and trusting him in the process.

What is The Secret to a Better Life?

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To live a happy life, you must take care of yourself first. Get enough sleep, drink lots of water, eat nutritious meals, and exercise. These things can positively affect your mood and self-confidence. Always remember to focus on yourself by doing the activities you enjoy.

The other secret is to see the vision you want, write it down, and begin working to create it and bring it to pass.

Here are some steps to make living your authentic self very possible.

  • Remember to write your vision down on paper. There is power in writing your dreams down on paper.
  • Put what you wrote on the refrigerator or somewhere you will always see.
  • Trust God in the process.
  • Decide to get out of your situation. James 4:8
  • Don’t give up or quit on your dream, even if it will take a lifetime to achieve.

Life can be a beautiful journey, a crazy ride, and a big adventure. But it can also be a living nightmare, a constant struggle, and a tricky teacher.

It’s all up to you.


Final Thoughts

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In each moment, you choose which side to embrace. Which affects your mind, body, soul, spirit, past, present, and future. The person you become, and other people in your life.

Remember this quote along the way.

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.” – Carl Rogers.

It is simple. Living a better life means understanding that life is not comprised of pleasure, wealth, and material things. It’s also living a life in pursuit of personal excellence.

Learning how to live a betterlife can be difficult when the world is full of complications and negative news. Yet, starting with these choices and action steps. You can turn your perspective around and start living each day more positively.

Get started and make the best of what life has given you. This is where I am, and I pray you find your path and your dreams come true.

May God’s Peace be with you along the way!


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