How The Negative Effects of Poor Time Management That Can Cause You to Fail

negative effects of poor time management

Here in this article are some negative effects of poor time management that can cause you to fail. These causes and effects of poor time management can make or break your business as well as your personal life.

Time management is crucial for every person’s personal life. And business regardless of its size or if the business is online or offline.

But if you are anything like me (a chronic procrastinator). This is not usually easy for most people. And they end up failing in their personal endeavors and business ventures.

There are different ways on how the negative effects of poor time management. Can cause you to fail.

Knowing them in advance can help you save time and save your business from ending prematurely.

What is Time Management?

Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time.

Spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, or productivity.

What Does Poor Time Management Mean?

Poor time management means that you’re not able to see the big picture and plan accordingly. 

Poor time management is to procrastinate. It is evidence of a lack of self-control

Poor time management is usually caused by a failure to plan ahead. And executing the work that you need to complete.

Why Poor Time Management Skills Are Bad for Your Life and Business?

Like I said before, Time is always important for every person and business.

There are many things that you need to do every day.

Without proper management, you may not be able to do everything you want.

Poor time management is one of the reasons why so many people must close their businesses.

Have issues in their relationships with others etc.

Knowing when not to waste your time doing unprofitable and nonimportant activities.

And instead spend more time on your business or with yourself, family, or even a significant other.

Well-managed time gives you positive results. Getting stressed over the poor performance of a business or the stresses of life.

Becomes more manageable that our entire life can enjoy. Because we have become better managers of our time.

Read on to see some mistakes that most people make in time management.

The Negative Effects Of Poor Time Management

Having Too Much to Do

Learning to say no is good for your personal life and your business. Because it ensures you can focus on your life’s work and provide quality work.

You should also allow others to assist you and stop believing that you are the only one who can do the job. 

This will help you manage your time, by doing only what you can manage within a certain period.

You Get Too Tired to Do Everything

Life and business management come with many tasks. Sometimes you may not know where to begin.

Especially if everything is sometimes needed at the same time.  You must do what you can within the time you have.

When we are tired, we will avoid big projects that can be profitable.

Instead, take a nap if you need to. And choose the simple projects to work on so you won’t lose golden chances to make good money.


A day becomes shorter if you fail to plan your time.

Have you ever felt like a day is shorter than others because you still have a lot to do?

That is one thing that comes with poor time management.

It is terrible and gives you stress especially if the job cannot be done at night.

It makes your body and mind completely fatigued and you end up having restless nights.

This is not good for your life or your business and it means the following day, you will be working with a foggy mind.

Your decision-making can become questionable.


Putting off your tasks makes you delay your business progress.

You need to know what you should be focused on right now. When you procrastinate.

The guilt of failing to begin the task. Turns into fear and you fail to finish the work on time and sometimes even finish at all.

Not Having a To-Do List

Sometimes we have too many tasks to perform and if we do not write them down, we will end up forgetting some of them. 

Always note down every request or job that needs the priority. You can use a coding system that you can understand.

If the list is long and full of too many important projects.

You should delegate some of the tasks to another person. And make sure that every person serves at the right time.

Poor Concentration

With little time and a lot of work to be done, you will lose proper concentration.

Your mind will be wandering thinking about this and that. It results in poor quality work and more time will be a waste.

Repeating the task or quarreling with clients. In some people, it causes what is known as a scattered approach. Which involves doing little here and there.


Working without any preparation is the same as preparing to fail. This is caused by poor time management.

And you find yourself in a meeting without all the required information.

A poor presentation makes your efforts ineffective. Because you failed to plan your time and carry out good research in advance.

Failing To Set Achievable Personal Goals

As an investor in your time, you need to know where you want to be in one year or even six months from now.

Set both short- and long-term goals and you will manage your time more efficiently.

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Goals make you work harder and stay away from any distractions.

Not Knowing What to Focus on

Knowing what to focus on is difficult especially if you have many things to do at the same time.

Delegate some duties.  Stick to your life and business plan. 

Losing a chance to work on a brilliant idea that can make you thrive can be a mistake.

Some matters are often a waste of time and do not result in anything positive.

Not Managing Distractions

There are people who lose more than two hours every day due to distractions.

At the end of the month, they will lose more than 50 hours which if used can increase their business.

Avoid unnecessary chats. Phone calls and social network messages interrupt your work.

Undeveloped or Underdeveloped in the Skill of Time Management

Time management is something that should be developed throughout life.

As systems change and the world is changing so should the way you manage your time.

Meaning… There are new ways of doing things.

It’s about being more efficient in your most valuable assets which is time.

This is and should be a constant learning process in our lives and businesses.

You can develop this skill by:

Practicing being on time for an event, school, job, meeting, family function, etc…

You can read What is Time Management Techniques.

Buy books on Time Management.

Buy other media on time management

Keeping a to-do list.

Following the to-do list.

Set SMART goals.

Set weekly priorities.

Time blocks your schedule.

Delegate Tasks.

Take regular breaks.

Avoid Multitasking.

Make your meetings productive.


And the list goes on!

The Solution

Take control of your time!

The truth of the matter is the effect of having poor time management skills.

Can rob you of time you can’t get back. Ruin your relationship. 

Cause you to lose money. It can have you feeling helpless and hopeless about your life and your business.

Time management skills allow people to organize. Their work and personal life with efficiency

Skills involved in managing your time include planning for the future. 

Setting goals, prioritizing tasks and monitoring where your time goes.

Like you would and should with your money. Time is money.

Time Management is a learned behavior.

A behavior that can be fixed only if one puts forth the effort to change the behavior.

The benefits of time management can change your life for the better if you do the work.

I am still learning and haven’t quite gotten it all together.

But I am making a step each day at managing my time better and getting things done.

When I fall off, I get back up again.

If you have fallen off in managing your time, take the time to dust yourself off and get back to it.

If you feel like you need to develop the skill. Check out some of the books I recommend below!

Or attend a seminar or go watch somebody on YouTube who can help you develop that skill.

Do you have problems with using your time wisely?

Do you have any tips that have helped you along the way that developed you to be more efficient with your time?

Leave your comments below! I would love to hear from you.

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6 thoughts on “How The Negative Effects of Poor Time Management That Can Cause You to Fail

  1. Time Management is very important in today’s world in order to achieve success. One needs to follow all the core aspects and ensure that people are spending their time wisely. Jamie’s article about effective time management is very useful and helpful in understanding the overall principles. We need to always elimate the poor time management strategies. 

    1. Yes, Shivaram time management is very important in our world to achieve success! Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Amazing article. We could all benefit from improving our time management skills. I guess step number one is realizing the effects of poor time management. Once we know this is a problem, we can do something about that. I love your section “You can develop this skill by:” It gives great suggestions on how to improve the skill. 

    I find it amazing that some people clearly struggle with poor time management but they are not aware of it. Of course, they have to come to that realization by themselves to do something about it. But it’s painful to watch.

    Again,  thank you very much for reminding us about this important skill that has the potential to transform our personal and professional lives.

    1. Hi Anna! I’m glad you like the article piece! You are right this is an important skill that has the potential to transform our personal and professional lives. Thank you for leaving a comment!

  3. This text is great for those who mismanage their time and who are always late. Such people are accustomed to this way of life but thereby affect the lives of other people. I think that the life of such people is totally unorganized and they are constantly in some chaos.

    1. So true Bojana! 

      Those who mismanaged their time cause themselves to be unorganized and constantly in some kind of chaos! Thank you for commenting.

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