What Is Online Entrepreneurship

What is Online Entrepreneurship?

Do you want a better understanding of online entrepreneurship? So, you ask the right question. What is online entrepreneurship? Online Entrepreneurship is the process of designing. Launching, marketing, and running a new business on the internet or online.

An intelligent office study reported that 65% of employees would rather be entrepreneurs. Then work for someone else.   I know I was one of them! In fact, my current work-from-home job, to trade some time for money, is owning my own mini call center from home.

In fact, Entrepreneurship is now a popular college major. With a focus on studying new venture creation. For more information check out this online entrepreneurship training.

All the time I have been on this journey of online entrepreneurship. For quite some time but found it hard to stay consistent. As a result, I did something that I did not love instead of persevering in what I did love to do. The truth is that we do not see results right away. We allow our determination to dwindle instead of remaining steadfast.

Online Entrepreneurship is a complicated term. This is defined simply as running your own business online (the internet).

Online Entrepreneurship is much broader. Then the creation of a new business venture online. At its core, it is a mindset – a way of thinking and acting. It is about imagining new ways to solve problems and create value. Using the internet as your platform.

With an estimated 50% of new businesses failing in the first five years.  Online entrepreneurs will also need to be committed. Persistent, and flexible to the evolving online marketplace.

In online entrepreneurship you must persevere to experience true success. So, to bring meaning to the term “online entrepreneurship.” I have described its definition in more detail below.

What Is Online Entrepreneurship Exactly?

As I stated Online Entrepreneurship is the process of designing. Launching, marketing, and running a new business on the internet. It is the activity of setting up a legitimate online business. Or businesses and taking on the financial risks in the expectation of profit.

These kinds of businesses are small businesses within a niche market. And the people who create these kinds of businesses are online entrepreneurs.

Online Entrepreneurship is the study of how new online businesses. And techniques are created. As well as the actual process of starting a new online business or technique. The term is used interchangeably.

What Is an Online Entrepreneur?

What is online entrepreneurshipAn Online Entrepreneur is someone who has an idea. Who works to create a product or service? Or use other people’s products or services that people will buy. By building an organization for legal purposes to support those sales.

An online entrepreneur can take any idea. Whether it be a product and/or service. Have the skill set, will, and courage. To take an extreme risk to do whatever it takes. To turn that concept into reality. Not only bring it to market. But make it a viable product and/or service that people want or need, using the internet as the moving vehicle.

What Drive of an Online Entrepreneur?

An online entrepreneur possesses interior fuel and stamina that drives their actions. Passion is the real drive. This superior energy helps to overtake and surpass the different challenges. It injects strength to continue pursuing goals. Different challenges and injects strength to continue pursuing goals when difficulties arise.

Why Online Entrepreneurship Training?

Are you a natural-born entrepreneur? If you are not, then you can become one. Online entrepreneurship training is your first step. To realize your potential as an online business owner.

Online entrepreneurship training will be your first step. Towards building your own online business. It is going to help you understand how this entire process works. It will be the base on which you build your business to start earning an income.

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Here is A Look at How You Will Create an Online Business

Success online is at the core. A 4-step process. Nothing more complex than this. This is exactly what you are going to be learning. In online entrepreneurship training. Here is a quick diagram breaking down the process.

Broken, down, the process looks like this:

Step 1: Choose an Interest.

This can be anything at all. Any interest, passion, expertise. Knowledge or even something you have no personal experience with.

Step 2: Build a Website.

Your website is your foundation. Wealthy Affiliate University has the most sophisticated. Feature-rich website and hosting platform in SiteRubix.

Step 3: Attract Visitors.

You are going to be learning all about how to get traffic and visitors to your website. The first focus is some FREE traffic and there is A LOT of it out there.

Step 4: Earn Revenue.

Once you have people on your site and traffic, you can earn revenue. There are over fifty ways you can monetize traffic online!

As you go through the training, this is going to be covered in detail. As mentioned, EVERYTHING you need is at Wealthy Affiliate University. To facilitate this process!

How To Get Started with Online Entrepreneurship?

If you are ready to enter the world of online entrepreneurship. I recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to learn everything about online entrepreneurship.

This company has an excellent training program. That helps people get over their fear of failure and rejection. Which are the main reasons people are unsuccessful in online entrepreneurship.

Overall, education is more valuable than money.

Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad recommends taking a long view approach to your life. He says, “instead of working for money and security, take a second job or start a side business to learn a second skill.”

Many do not want to do this because they are not ready for change. If you are unwilling to work to learn something new. And instead, insist on becoming specialized within your field. Make sure the company you work for is unionized. Other than that, your specialized skills may be useless outside your field.

Understanding What Is Online Entrepreneurship

Now that you understand what online entrepreneurship is. You are interested in learning more. You can join for FREE, with the Starter membership. This is the starting point of your success online. You get a good deal of access with the Starter level membership. But you need to know that there is MUCH MORE at Wealthy Affiliate.

There are huge benefits to going premium when you are ready. Your last task for today is to take a second to learn about the Premium membership. And how it differs from the Starter program. You are safe here at Wealthy Affiliate University. Regardless of whether you are Starter or Premium.

I want you to give Wealthy Affiliate a chance first. I know that you may have had bad experiences online in the past. I want you to allow Wealthy Affiliate to prove themselves to you.

I care about YOU. The community at Wealthy Affiliate cares about YOUR personal success. More than you think.

If you think Online Entrepreneurship rocks. Have any questions. Or individual opinions about online entrepreneurship… Leave them in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “What Is Online Entrepreneurship

  1. I can very well relate to the life of the Online Entrepreneur – Jamie Clay. This article has provided a very deep insight to all the budding entrepreneurs – i.e. to have the burning desire and fuel to achieve success in their lives and mission. Jamie has taken reference to the Wealthy Affiliate program. Wealthy Affiliate program is the ultimate product that provides support to all the budding entrepreneurs who are looking to achieve success in life and their business. 

    1. Yes, Shivaram! Wealthy Affiliate is the program to use in order to be successful with an online business. They will teach you everything you need to know to be successful! Thank you for your comment!

  2. Another great article. There are so many misconceptions about online entrepreneurs. I think the best way to learn about it is to try it yourself, however, that might not always be feasible or some people might want to have a good understanding first before trying it out.

    Your article does a really good job of explaining it. Your 4-step process of creating an online business is great and gives the reader an understanding of the major components. 

    I also agree with you on everything that you are saying about Wealthy Affiliates. What an amazing platform with superb training and excellent support.

    1. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best programs to help you on the journey of online entrepreneurship. Thank you for your comment Anna!

  3. I really liked your article on online entrepreneurship. For me, an online entrepreneur is someone who offers a product or a service, but also someone who gives valuable information on a website. I also like the fact that you say that online entrepreneurship is not something that makes you rich overnight. You need to be persistent and disciplined to obtain results.

    1. Hi Angelce 903! I’m glad you like the article. And yes and online entrepreneur is especially those who share information for our benefit as consumers too. Selling information and giving it away for free are all online entrepreneur methods. Thank you for your comment!

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