What Is Personal Development About
What Is Personal Development About

What Is Personal Development About

What Is Personal Development About?

what is personal development about

If this is your first time reading my blog. My name is Jamie. And I’m very, very enthusiastic about my personal growth development. And the unique personal development niche.

I am currently studying to become and build a profitable online business in the personal development niche. If you want to know more about the topic what is personal development about? Keep reading.

So today, I’m going to help clarify personal development.

When I first started in my personal development, not as a marketer, just in general. It taught me some things, like how to rewire my mindset. Purposefully thinking about positive and empowering beliefs taught me the importance of affirmations. 

I’ve learned something about having the power of choice and being the person that is a choose-God and yourself person, like how to choose your destiny rather than listening to all those internal voices not rooted in your divine connection with God that might go on. Or what other people have told you about yourself and so forth.

I learned to do my inner work. I’m still learning.

What Is Personal Development About

I am finding out what personal development is. Because it is vital to my business. Just because personal development means something to me, it does not necessarily mean that YOU are my target market.

My goal is to talk to people interested in doing the personal development work required to become a better-quality person.  And I understand this.

My purpose here is to talk to folks who are like-minded. Who are ready to do the work. Who wants to do the work. Sometimes we don’t know where to start and need a nudge.

Or one may need some inspiration or motivation. YOU are my target market as long as we have breath in our bodies. We should be evolving into the fullness of who God created us to be.

Our potential to be good people is not enough. We need to become and be good people.

What Is Personal Development About

Most of the market believes in the law of attraction, 90% in the personal development niche.  I thought it would be like 10% believe in the law of attraction. And 90% of the market is looking for tangible, concrete ways of doing things, but it’s not. It’s the other way around.

Over 50% have alternative beliefs. They believe in numerology, astrology, and all that stuff, which is interesting. A majority, like 95%,  identified themselves as spiritual.

Whether they have a religion or belief that there’s something bigger out there that they believe in. They think there’s life after death. And that there is more to this world than what’s currently here. 

These people I have been sent to inspire and motivate them to do the work to better themselves and grow in maturity.

The first question that I want to answer is what personal development is. And why it is essential.

What Is Personal Development About

What Is Personal Development?

Personal development or self-improvement. It consists of activities that develop a person’s capabilities and potential. Build human capital and facilitate employability. And enhance the quality of life and the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Personal development is many things: good daily habits, routines that make one’s life successful, stress-relief techniques, choosing positive emotions over negative ones, increasing your income, and more.

Personal development may take place throughout an individual’s entire lifespan. And is not limited to one stage of a person’s life.

What Is Personal Development About

What Is the Meaning of Personal Development?

what is personal development about

Personal development is looking inward and focusing on ways to better ourselves. Personal development increases our self-awareness or our self-esteem. It improves our skills and fulfills our aspirations.

What Are The 5 Areas of Personal Development?

Those five areas are

· Mental

· Social

· Spiritual

· Emotional

· Physical

Personal development is a big part of our lives. And knowing what the five areas are will help with our journey in the personal development world.


What Is Personal Development About

Why Is Personal Development So Important?

what is personal development about

Personal development is linked to self-awareness. It allows us to take an honest look at the areas of our life that need improvement. Through this process, we get to know who we are, our values, and where we would like to go.


Maslow (1970) suggests that all individuals have an in-built need for personal development, which occurs through self-actualization.

The extent to which people can develop. It depends on the needs being met, and these needs form a hierarchy. Only when one level of need is satisfied can a higher one be created as change occurs throughout life. However, the need to motivate someone’s behavior at any time will also change.

Maslow (1970, p.383) says that all individuals. They need to see themselves as competent and autonomous, that every person has limitless room for growth.

Self-actualization refers to the desire for everybody. To become everything that we can become. In other words, it relates to self-fulfillment and the need to reach your full potential as a unique human being.

For Maslow, the path to self-actualization involves being in touch with your feelings and experiencing life fully and with total concentration.

What Is Personal Development About

The personal development niche. It is anything about health, wealth, relationships, and mindset.

The four cores of personal development niche.

● Health

● Wealth

● Relationships

● Mindset

These are the four courses of personal development because I found that 95% of people get into personal growth because of one of those four things. About 40 to 50% of them do it to make more money. They want to manifest more money into their life.

But 30% because they want better health. 20-30% because they want a better relationship. 30 to 40% because they want to improve the power of their mind. They want to gain more access to the hidden powers of the mind.

I want to make more money. I’m part of 50% of the niche. Health, relationships, and mindset are all important to me. But it represents the whole niche in my eyes.

That adds up to over 100%. That’s because there’s an overlap between several of those things. Someone into weight loss may also want to meet their soulmate or something like that.

There’s a crossover, but it gives me many topics I can cover. Lot of various products I can promote as an affiliate marketer. Because People will have multiple interests.

What Is Personal Development About

As an online affiliate marketer, there are many ways to promote this space. And I will be digging into many of these different profitable areas.

So, when you visit my blog, this is what we are doing here, working on our personal development together.

If you want to take nothing else from this, remember that you are not necessarily this target audience. Remember that I need to know who the customers are in the niche I choose to serve.

If you are interested in starting an online business within the niche of personal development as I am. Remember, personal development involves health, wealth, relationships, and mindset.

In the personal development space, there’s much stuff you can promote as an affiliate to do with health, wealth, relationships, and mindset. And there are also a lot of different product-type ideas out there if you want to create your own.

Because it covers health, wealth, relationships, and mindset. Which are quite a wide variety of different things. There are a lot of other products I will be promoting theoretically.

I will encourage health-related development for one week. A wealth-building product the next. a relationship product the following week. And a spiritual or mindset-related offer the following week.

What Is Personal Development About

The journey of self-improvement is an ongoing process of constant learning. It allows you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Remember, personal development can help you in all areas of your life.

And it is, therefore, primarily a personal journey that needs to be prioritized. The benefits are that you grow as a person while growing your skills. You improve your self-awareness, and you boost your confidence.

I hope to serve as a virtual mentor coach working together to solve our problems.

What Is A Coach And Mentor?

A mentor is someone who shares their knowledge, skills, and/or experience, to help another to develop and grow.

A coach is someone who provides guidance to a client on their goals and helps them reach their full potential.

Virtual coach mentoring is often viewed as an exercise where the coaching mentor is aiding a client with achieving their personal or professional goals by using the internet space.

But it’s an immensely fulfilling exercise for the mentoring coach as well. It builds them as individuals. And helps them become more vital as a leader and coaching mentor within the market.

The goal is to help those looking for solutions to better their quality of life. But my main goal is to improve my quality of life overall.

What Is Personal Development About

So, here’s how I’m going to do it!

I will share my skills, experience, and knowledge with you.

This doesn’t mean I need to have many years of coaching or mentorship experience. Instead, I have a business, good health, and life experiences. That can be beneficial to someone else.

There are four pieces to my development puzzle that I will share. They are:

Information, Products, and Service that I love

Information, Products, and services that people will pay for

Information, products, and services that are related to my skills and life experiences

And I want to help people solve their problems within this niche.

My virtual coaching mentorship is about using my firsthand experiences to help others. I will use my learnings to help coach and mentor others who are struggling similarly.

What Is Personal Development About

My goals are:

Build confidence and self-esteem

As a coaching mentor, I will spend a lot of your time trying to build this confidence in you for the long term. But the fact and goal here are that I will also build confidence in myself.

Building relationships

Becoming an industry expert

It delivers authentic content that gives insight and experience to the author (or, in this case, me) to educate others.

I hope to become an inspiring place for people to go to when they need it the most. And as a bonus, it can also significantly boost my individual personal development.

Suppose you’re ready to make a change to improve the quality of your life. Consider how personal and professional development coaching can help. With help, you can awaken your full potential.

Let me know your thoughts on your personal development experience! Leave your comments in the section below.

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