Who Is Jamie Clay


Hi! I am Jamie Clay. And welcome to my personal blog.

I am a wife. Mother and Bonus Mom. Genre-less soul vocalist with a passion for “Inspiring The Soul Through Music”. Socialite, Patron of artists, lifestyle blogger, author.

I am a money tree  Entrepreneur. Who owns various online businesses that make money on the internet. I am also an Independent Business Owner (132964) with Arise Virtual Solutions. And a financial education agent with Financial Education Services (FES)

I am from Chicago Illinois raised in Detroit MI, and currently, live in Oak Park IL.

I am fascinated and inspired by the many facets of life. Personal development, marriage, and family relationships. Entrepreneurship and building wealth. Culture, communities, politics, and religions. Music, talent, art, fashion, theater, things to do, food, style, and soul!

I am a curator and connector with lots of interests. THAT’s my passion.

My personal interest is in personal development.

Various kinds of music. Live music entertainment.

Financial education and wealth. Making money online.

Health and wellness.

The latest trends and products, culture, politics.

I enjoy product reviews and content writing, advocating for consumer purchasing decisions and understanding.

The Kingdom of God, blending families, marriage & relationships.

I am a commentator, I am an observer, and I critique the status quo!

I am created to bring the groove, encourage and inspire through music. My personal growth is my responsibility and I recognize that. I am created to empower and inspire healthy stable families. Healthy and wealthy living. Salvation to the nations & establishing the Kingdom of God on the Earth.

On this blogI will be sharing my journey and opinion of matters. But also share relevant, truthful and helpful information. That will inspire, empower, and challenge your mind, body, soul, and spirit.

My Values & Beliefs

I believe God is three persons in one The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And that He has many names.
I believe Jesus is the Son of God, that He died as a sacrifice for my sins. He rose and that He will return one day for those who believe in His salvation.
God made man and woman in His image. And gave them dominion over the Earth.
I believe that as mankind we must reconnect with God’s image of ourselves.
I believe in self-empowerment.
My goal is to inspire people to believe in their own worth. And their own potential. That they give themselves permission to invest the time. Effort & money into preparing themselves for their future.
I believe that self-improvement is the act of improving yourself.
That the improvements of one. Can be in one’s mind, character, style, position, education, image, body, soul and spirit by one’s own efforts.
Personal Development to me includes activities that improve awareness. Identity, develop talents, and potential. Build human capital. Emotional intelligence. Accountability. Help with deployability. And enhance one’s quality of life by contributing to the realization of dreams. Visions, and aspirations.

My Mission

My mission is to inspire everyone to develop the body, soul, and spirit.
As a lifestyle blogger. I create content inspired and curated from my personal interests and daily activities. To inspire through inspirations and motivations!

A Little More Info About Me…

I am always looking for the hot new trends in products and love to try new products and give my thoughts on them.
I love myself, my family, books, fashion, music and making money online!
I couldn’t think of only one thing to talk about here. So I decided to share whatever my authentic self-decided to blog about at the moment! lol…
I am a free soul and it was important that I begin my journey blogging about whatever moved me at the moment.
So if you are looking for a specific niche…
This is not your ordinary specific niche website/blog. But, I have several that are niche-specific. FES Care Plan. The Online Entrepreneur. Everybodies-Dad. Healing Essential Info. Soulful Chicago. Kingdom Establishments LLC.
If you can relate to anything I’ve mentioned above, by all means, welcome to my blog(s)!
As an agent of change, I desire to inspire change in the world by being the change I want to see.
As I share my thoughts on various topics to improve ourselves. Our various relationships, politics, spiritual matters, pop culture, etc…
Feel free to share your comments, questions, tips, or anything else you care to share. I do ask that you keep it positive. Even if your opinion differs from mine. Respect begets respect.
I’d love to hear from you. 
If you are reading this you will find something here that would be of great value to you. Feel free to browse around, share on social media and subscribe to my email list to stay connected.
In His Love,