Why Online Business Is the Future of Business
Why Online Business Is the Future of Business

Why Online Business Is the Future of Business

Why Online Business Is the Future of Business

Some people seek out new opportunities on their own. While others pitch innovative ideas.

Most opportunities, no matter how good they might sound. End up being a complete money-sucking terrible idea. Due to expensive overhead, slow scalability, and low margins.

This article is about why online business is the future of business. And one of the best investments you will ever make in modern times!

Online shopping is growing so fast. That the global online shopping market size nearly hit 4 trillion in 2020. And in the US alone, we’re expecting to have 300 million online shoppers in 2023.

That is 91% of the country’s current population!

So far, 69% of Americans have shopped online, and 25% of Americans shop online at least once per month. The majority (59%) of these shoppers bought clothing items, and 47% bought their first item on Amazon.

But Americans are not the only ones who shop online. People all over the world understand the benefits.

According to Invesp. The countries with the leading average eCommerce revenue per shoppers are: USA ($1,804), UK ($1,629), and Sweden ($1,446). France ($1,228), Germany ($1,064), Japan ($968), Spain ($849), China ($626), Russia ($396), and Brazil ($350).

With economies down and profits squeezed. Many unfortunate people have lost their jobs due to the global crisis that did not seem to be dying.

A considerable number of the now jobless people. Have nowhere to go still. As there are little to no openings for stable secure jobs with benefits. And many of them are living miserable lives.

In such times the best option is to have your own business that you can start with a low investment.

It’s less risky and has the potential to grow. But many argue that when there is such a monetary crisis.

Starting a business may not be a wise move, as one might not be able to recover costs and make a profit.

The Argument of Online Business

This argument would stand some ground if the business were physical. But, in the case of an online business.

The fact that one does not need major capital to start an online business. This reduces the risk involved with any kind of business.

There is no better time to start an online business. Today, most retailers are finding that a good deal of their sales come from online shoppers.

Yet, it does not stop there — every industry is moving online. So, if you’re thinking about starting a new business venture. You should think about how to put your skills to use on the web.

Unfortunately, a substantial number of people. Still think that online businesses are taboo with no potential. They have no idea how much people are making through different online businesses. Websites like Facebook, Yahoo! etc. rake in millions of dollars every year. The owners have turned into rich tycoons overnight.

But one must be practical. Not everyone has luck like that of Mark Zuckerberg. Nonetheless, it does not mean you have no chance of making it big in the online world. There is a lot of potential once you decide to enter the online business industry.

Starting an online business is like starting a physical business. Minus the hassles and heavy requirements.

You will not have to spend money on buying or renting property and building infrastructure. Plus, you might not even have to hire staff!

All you must do is first sit down and decide what proven & profitable money-making idea you wish to pursue.

The opportunities on the internet are limitless. The key is to find your niche and then do the challenging work to find success in it.

If you are a good marketer you should start selling products online.

If you have a collection of saleable items, you may put them on eBay or other such sites and make money.

If you have any kind of talent, you may even sell your services online and earn quick money.

All this and much more are possible in the virtual world. You must see the potential and give it your best shot.

Remember that it may take some time to invest before you find a foothold in the virtual world. But once you find success there is no looking back.

The internet is a storefront. It is breaking down pre-existing barriers in the world of buying and selling.

Now your only limit is in your imagination. You may in fact already have all the fundamental skills you need to start a business online.

You can leverage your skills to either subsidize your primary income. Or you can devote your time to building your own full-time business. Here are some ideas you may want to consider.

5 Online Businesses to Start

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash
  1. Sell What You Already Have: Your Knowledge

    Savvy online business is those that sell their knowledge and expertise. Try packaging that expertise into an online product. Like in the form of an online seminar, an e-book, a newsletter, or a combination of these.

  2. The Etsy Route: Selling Your Crafts.   

    If you are already making crafts that you sell in stores, at farmers’ markets, etc. why not sell them online as well? If you have a hobby and are great at making things. But have yet to earn profit from those skills. This is a fantastic way to gain exposure and market your product to a broad audience.

  3. Take Shipping Costs & Operations Out of Your Model: Drop Shipping

    Imagine running a store. Without having to deal with storing inventory or shipping the product. Let someone else deal with those details. While you manage the front-end aspect of marketing and sales.

  4. Content Blog. Affiliate Marketing Is Big and Getting Bigger

    Promote a company’s product on your blog. Get a commission on all sales that happened through the link on your site.

    What You need: first things first, you need a blog. Or an online platform for written content. The bigger you are following and readership the better.


To Sum Things Up!

Online business is the future of business. Whatever the idea I am sure there is a way to convert it for profitability online. Are you interested in starting a business online?

I have the perfect business opportunities that will help you to achieve success online. Or you can choose any of the above methods to start an online business.

Do you have any questions or comments about online business? Leave them in the comment section and please follow me on social media! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Anusuya

    Online business opportunities to start is a piece of cake these. However, Patience, focus and perseverance are the keys for success.

     As you have mentioned, it needs imagination when you know what you can do. 

    This article describes precisely what you really do, like drop shipping, opening a store at Esty and so on, to have your business online. However, you have to remember, there are huge competition around to succeed as well. E.g., your blog needs to be in at least page 1 of Google. It can be easy for some, may be not for others. You have to have patience and money to support your business until you get the kind of income you want.

    You are absolutely right, online business is the way for business in this advanced technology world of today.

    1. Jamie London-Clay

      Absolutely Anusuya! The goal is to get on the 1st page of Google. With the right training like Wealthy Affiliate University, ordinary people have the opportunity to prosper with the internet. Thank you so much for your feedback!

  2. Julius

    That’s totally right Jamie, online business models are relevant today and will continue to become even more relevant in the future. I always see people comment on social media that “affiliate marketing will become obsolete and platforms that leverage video-based content will replace them”.

    Nonsense in my eyes. Good content will forever stay good content.



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